Partner Organisations

We work in cooperation with different local, national and international partners to maximise our outreach and outcomes. Below we have highlighted our main partner organisations who have supported us, and keep on working with us, to raise funds and implement initiatives of common interest.

Australians in Phuket partner on some of PHBGTU’s fundraising events and support marketing and outreach efforts.


The Australian Embassy's International Development Fund of the Direct Aid Program (DAP) is funding the English Integrated Studies Pilot Programme for Primary School Classes at Kamala School.

    Dusit Thani

Dusit Thani provides their facilities to host birthday parties for the residential students. They donate food and drinks as well as staff time from their dedicated workers for the children.

Phuket Has Been Good To Us has had our Financial Efficiency and Good Governance rated by Giving Back Association and we are delighted to be listed and rated on their website with a 4 Star Badge.  Giving Back Association is a not-for-profit organization, registered as NGO number 5374/2557 on December 22, 2014 in Thailand, with the purpose of supporting charities in Thailand and the Region. They help individual and corporate donors to find information on charities and foundations in the Greater Mekong region that most fit their philanthropic goals as well as information on their governance, financial efficiency and transparency.
    Phuket Has Been Good to Us has been vetted and approved by GlobalGiving! We're pleased to announce that we're now
    recognized partners of GlobalGiving.

The international charitable network has recognized Phuket Has Been Good To Us’s due diligence, meaning it has recognized our Foundation as a proper, legal, and morally responsible organization.  We are permanently featured on GlobalGiving’s website, where we have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, connect with new donors, and have access to online fundraising tools. The greatest advantage to our partnership is that donors from the US and UK can now claim their tax back as GlobalGiving is a registered charity in both of these countries.


PHBGTU and Good Shepherd work together closely to organise common fundraising events. On November 6, we will co-host the Melbourne Cup Fundraiser 2018 in Phuket.

PHBGTU is a member of the Kamala Green Club. We attend regular meetings and support campaigns to make Kamala greener, among others beach cleaning events.

     Orborjor (Local Council)

We work with the local council to provide high-quality English language education at our partner schools in Phuket.

The Phuket International Woman’s Club can count several of PHBGTU’s board members among their own, and frequently offers support to the foundation on different occasions.

The Rotary Club of Patong Beach and PHBGTU mutually support each other with fundraising events and marketing campaigns.


We teach in three governmental schools, Rajaprajanukroh 36, Baan Kalim School and Anuban Kamala School, which are the main partners of the foundation. They integrate our teachers into their teaching schedule and team, they provide facilities and classroom support and they partner with us on many different extra-initiatives such as beach cleaning and Coconut Club events.


Skal Thailand has kindly supported the foundation with fundraising events in the past. 

The Tourism Authority of Thailand endorsed a number of PHBGTU’s fundraising events in the past, including the Pro Am Golf Tournament.

    Weber State University - School of Computing

Dr. Richard Fry from the Weber State University’s School of Computing and his students support the foundation with a range of different projects, most importantly the development of our new website.

     WorldKoins - Small Change Conversion App

 WorldKoins App has partnered with Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation by making us a charity of choice on the app, allowing you to put leftover currency to a good cause. Small change never made such a big impact.