The mission of Phuket Has Been Good To Us is to improve the economic opportunities and life chances of young people by funding and implementing high quality, practical English language education in government schools in Phuket. To that end the Vocational Opportunities Through English (V.O.T.E) programme aims to provide the conditions in which pupils can best develop their English language skills, and realise the exciting, additional possibilities their futures may hold, with proficiency in English.

One important aspect of our vocational focus is a series of presentations, by Thai guest speakers, who address the secondary level students at Rajaprachanukroh 36 School. These speakers offer an insight into careers, which students may not have previously considered, by sharing with the students their vocational pathways, experiences, and the contribution of English skills to their success. The V.O.T.E. talks also provide students with positive Thai role models whose achievements they may aspire to. It is clear by the attendance levels, level of interest and number of students who actively participate during each monthly session that they appreciate hearing first hand why it so important for them to learn English.

Please see below for a list of past guest speakers and please check back for updates:

  • Khun Lilly - Restaurant Supervisor - Absolute Sea Pearl Hotel
  • Khun Wayu - Front Office Manager - Absolute Bangla Suites Hotel
  • Khun Kaek - Chef - Absolute Bangla Suites Hotel
  • Khun Cherry - Nurse - Vajira Phuket Hospital
  • Khun Toto - Engineering - Absolute Sales Corporation
  • Khun Dy - Lawyer - Absolute Sales Corporation
  • Khun Keammy - Radio DJ - Mahogany Radio, FM 103.0 MHz
  • Khun Khwan – Reservations Manager – Swissotel Kamala
  • Khun Jarunee Rakku – Sports & Recreation Manager – Outrigger Laguna
  • Khun Oamrany Tayalo – HR Executive – Outrigger Laguna
  • Khun Nartipimon Vadsuntad – HR Director – Outrigger Laguna

We invite sponsors, volunteers and others who feel they would like to assist us in this endeavour, to join our V.O.T.E. programme.  Your contribution may take many forms and help us provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  You can learn about the many ways you can participate, in the classroom, at Coconut Club, during excursions and through fund raising in other sections of this website.