A Month in the Life of a Charity Worker!

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Angela McNoe

Welcome to the first installment of “A month in the life of a charity worker!” Every month we’ll be bending your ear about the trials and tribulations of volunteering for a small charity in Thailand. So..without too much ado…here we go. We work for a small charity called the Phuket Has Been Good To Us, that delivers free English classes to schools in Phuket that were destroyed by the Tsunami. Angela spends most of my time finding fun things for underprivileged children to do after school.

July wins:

We were selected as the charity of choice for Events Thailand’s Wine List of the Year Awards. The staff at Phuket Has Been Good To Us are totally looking forward to some lovely samples landing in our glasses. Not to say that charity workers are lushes! But when you work for free, a free glass of wine never goes astray.

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Pub Quiz is a go-go (for July see our event page). We fundraise to pay our teacher’s salaries and new / rehashed ideas are always welcome. Our lovely friend Peter at the Aussie Pub, Kamala, is going to host a monthly fundraising pub quiz for us on the last Monday of every month, starting in July. We’ll have great donated prizes and cheap drinks. The entry fee and raffle money go directly to the Foundation. If you have any unwanted marvelous stuff that could be a prize…I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

Tina and Peter

David finally managed to get the teacher’s office lights at Kamala School fixed; they haven’t worked for 3 years. Talk about operating in the dark!

Not Quite FAMOUS. We are a children’s charity, so we are planning a teenaged friendly party! Not Quite FAMOUS will be an underage rage for 12 – 16-year-olds at Phuket’s lushest club…FAMOUS! I did a little joy dance about this one….keep your eyes open for a September date.

July also saw the arrival of a new volunteer – new ideas, new energy, new enthusiasm. Welcome, Hayley. Here on a 6-month contract to work in the office. She has a background in fundraising in Australia. But you can’t choose where you were born, right?

Hayley mini golf

July frustrations:

Having your pillow peed on by the office cat, the day you arrive. A special Bisquit to Hayley welcome.


The offending cat…

Intermittent (at best) internet at the school is a full-time pain in the ear for our teaching staff. Island Technology have the matter in hand and we are hoping for a more productive world wide web.

Till next month…

Angela is a fearless and tireless ambassador for all that is good in this world – especially if it involves wine and cheese. This self-confessed hedonist is taking a break from her life of international fame and fortune to volunteer in Phuket for 6 months with a charity called Phuket Has Been Good To Us. Although she has lived in some fabulous other countries, she is a first time migrant to Thailand, having previously visited a number of times to work on her tan.

The experience that we have learned from working here.

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