Brand New Website Launch Next Week! -by Evi Verdoodt

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Working together with the Weber State University, Utah, USA, we are excited to announce that we will be launching a new user-friendly and dynamic website next week. HOORAY! Watch our FB page for the exact date and time to join us in our virtual launch party!

Phuket Has Been Good To Us’s previous website was kindly donated by the ESCAPE and we were able to provide all our news, events and sponsors information to our supporters through the website for a long time. After several years, however, it became evident that we needed to update in order to keep our content relevant. Moving into a decade where dynamic content is very important, we were enthusiastic about the suggestion of Dr. Fry from Weber State University to support the Foundation by building a new good looking, user-friendly and dynamic website. And we are so happy with the result.

You are definitely going to want to check out and discover our new look and exciting new content!

We are confident our supporters are recognized and thanked more than ever on the new website, our future teachers and volunteers can navigate more easily through the website and find all necessary information and all visitors experience a pleasant journey, seeing new videos, pictures, upcoming events, and exciting news!

Thanks to Oscar Suarez for dedicating his time and choosing to design our new website as a project in his curriculum and thanks to Dr. Fry for coordinating between the Foundation and his students, and for his guidance and the support.

Be sure to follow us and stay in touch so you don’t miss the official launch date!


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