Double the time, Double the fun, Double the chance! By Teacher Alicia

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We’ve doubled up our time in KCDC.

Do you know what that means?

Double the fun with Teacher Alicia.

Double the lessons we’re able to achieve

Double the learning time.

Double the songs we get to sing.

Double the chance of a brighter future with using English!

Teacher Alicia - February 3

Lucky for us we have been granted more time in our Kamala Child Development School.

Previously, each student was only receiving 40 minutes of English, 1 day a week.  Now we’re in the classrooms 2 times a week totaling 80 minutes. Teacher Alicia - February 4

Doubling the time has made all the difference in the students’ motivation, curiosity towards English and success!  I couldn’t be more pleased how far KCDC is coming. I have been able to add many new topics to the curriculum such as family, directions, transportation and much more.  I have seen such a difference in the daily use of English in all of my Anubaun students.

Teacher Alicia - February 2.jpg

Oh did I forget to mention I get to see double the cute on a daily basis!

Teacher Alicia - February 1.jpg

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