End of first term 2018:


From Teacher Yulya’s Perspective 

As the first semester at the Kamala school has come to an end, the students have completed their Thai subjects and English exams and are now enjoying a holiday break.

This academic year, I am teaching Primary 1 to Primary 6 classes. In the first term, we focused on vocabulary building, reading, and communicating skills. At the beginning of the year, all of my students showed great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn English, especially the little ones – my Primary 1 class. However, I must admit that it is still hard for them to get to used to chairs and tables designed for grown kids and keep focused during the lesson. For many of those students it was the first time they practiced English but they bravely paid very close attention in the classroom and actively participated in all classroom activities. I believe students have learnt a lot in this semester as their final grades show. The overall average mark for the class was 80% – yayy!

My primary 5 class is the class with the highest overall result in English amongst all  the classes I teach. They are well-behaved and very helpful students.  This class is always eager to learn and love to participate in classroom activities. For this term we have been working on their reading skills and they have shown great improvements.  The ability for them to read opens many opportunities for children as their vocabulary greatly expands. Each and every one of them is proud of the achievement of being able to read words and especially books in our reading corner.


My primary 5 students

In the past term, I have also focused on teaching grammar and building their vocabulary. We had many vocabulary and reading activities in the classroom and I am glad to say that we really had fun! In this term we have gone above and beyond our learning capacity!  The students have amazed me with their efforts and motivation. Their will to learn has only grown as the term went on and I look forward to this same attitude in the new term after the holidays.

We have continued our Coconut club sessions (after school activity for residential students).  Every afternoon was always the best part of the day for anyone working or volunteering with Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation. Every week we had regular activities such as guitar sessions, bingo, skateboarding, fun games and outdoor activities with teachers and volunteers. Every Tuesdays I was also able to help to our new volunteer from Australia –teacher Jez. Jez is a talented musician and is able to play different musical instruments.  He joined our Coconut Club to teach children how to play guitar and share his passion of music. Our little “coconuters” absolutely loved it! Even though it is hard for little girls to grip the guitar strings, they were happy to participate and gain new experiences all the same.

It’s guitar time in coconut club

At our lastest fundraising event I had an amazing opportunity to be involved too. Our staff, volunteers and friends of the foundation organized a marvelous event that took place in Café Del Mar in Kamala. My job during the event was to entertain children by painting their cute faces. Our little guests loved it! And so did I. I really get inspired and creative when it comes to arts. I was more than happy to help the foundation and be a part of the fundraising team. Click here to see photos.

As the first semester has come to an end, I wish all the students good luck in their end of term exam grades and I hope they will have a great holiday full of joy and adventures. I look forward to seeing them again in November!
Thank you Phuket Condos and Homes for sponsoring me this academic year and giving me the opportunity to mould the minds of our young students.

– Teacher Yulya 


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