My experience working with Phuket Has Been Good To Us, By Teacher Martin

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When I look back to where I started from, I feel a real sense of achievement.  I am delighted to express my gratitude at returning the courtesy as an English teacher to Kamala’s unprivileged children. Back home in Uganda, there are people volunteering and it has been my dream to return this favor in another country. Gracious!!! Working here is dream come true.

I really thank my workmates, both teachers, and office staff for really helping me to settle in.  A huge thank you to my bosses Tina and Angela for helping me to learn and grow. No matter how many mistakes I make, they’ve been there for me, thanks.

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I really like my lovely young stars – my students. They motivate me every day In class, my magic trick is the “point system”. This trick has proven beyond reasonable doubt to work among young students worldwide. It creates competition and it has helped me to foster enthusiasm and positive behaviour among my little young stars.  I am lucky that my students have a happy learning environment.

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Teaching in Thailand is enjoyable because you get to meet people from different races and backgrounds. To say that I share common ground with my young stars isn’t hard – it’s been a joy to connect the dots.

The first classes I fell in love with were my P.4/2s and P.5/1s. It was as if I had taught them for years.  These students are energetic and focused and just being around them makes my day. These two classes have produced tremendous results.  They have created a huge impact on my teaching career.

Spending time with these young stars during co-curricular activities such as Coconut Club is fascinating and it really makes you forget anything that may be bothering you.

I am always signing up for Saturday swimming at the local hotels here in Kamala because this is when I get ample time with my young stars.  They never stop practicing their English and telling me how much they enjoy the class.

What I hear most during their time in the pool is, ‘’Teacher, teacher, see, see!’’ My young stars are brave enough to try out backstroke in the pool, which is overwhelming to see for children who may just be learning to swim.

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I am so delighted to be with Phuket Has Been Good To Us family, it has really made an impact in my life, I’ve learned how to give, it has improved my teaching career and I’ve grown up internally and externally.

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