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The academic year 2016/ 2017 has ended now and we are happy to send the children home after a successful year of learning. This term, we had dedicated sponsors again who made our classes possible. One of our committed supporters was XL Catlin who not only sponsored a class but also donated a foundation vehicle!

XL Catlin’s sponsored class is Prathom (Primary) level 1 Class taught this year by Teacher Grace. As the second semester has flown by, students were engaged in the lessons and challenged to be more involved in group activities that promote cooperation and unity. The class schedule included the recognition of letters from A to Z, learning jolly phonetics, reading simple sentences, leading first conversations and counting numbers to 30 and more.

One topic that the class particularly enjoyed was “Parts of the Face”. They made creative face masks on which they drew the parts of the face we learned. Their fine-motor skills were also trained as they did the activity, and the crafts promoted retention of the lesson as well. Most of the students in this class are kinesthetic learners. They learn topics best and remember that information when they are moving around. This is also probably due to their incredible energy at this age! It has been a challenge at times, but we have seen great progress with class behaviour since we changed the approach to teaching them the lessons and tried to incorporate movement.

The class has shown great progress this semester. They are more responsible and most of them follow the rules. The students have shown more interest in the lessons and have gained confidence in expressing themselves in front of the class.

XL Catlin’s support also includes the donation of our Foundation vehicle. The Foundation vehicle is very useful when we run extracurricular activities for residential students, including our quarterly birthday parties, and transportation of children to Saturday swimming, as well as set up for community and fundraising events. Earlier this month we used the Foundation vehicle to bring Kalim students to the cinema as a graduation present! All these activities would not have been possible without the support of XL Catlin, so a big thank you for enabling us to enrich the lives of the children we work with!


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