Phuket Has Been Good To Us currently provides English classes as well as Maths and Science in English at Kamala School in Phuket. We employ qualified, fluent English teachers by fundraising to pay for their stipends. In addition to those classes that serve over 200 students, we also run Coconut Club, an after-school program at Kamala School Coconut Club is a way to continue English education outside of the classroom by engaging the students with arts & crafts, music, dance, games, and even cooking! Coconut Club serves the 230 students who live at Kamala School for circumstantial reasons.

We also teach English to over 200 children aged 2 to 6 at Kamala Child Development Center (KCDC) and Anuban Kamala School.

The Chicoree Foundation Kalim School

In 2023, the Chicorée Foundation funded extensive renovations of Baan Kalim School.

From November 2023 onwards they have sponsored two PHBGTU teachers to teach English to all 280 students aged 2 to 12 at the school. We are delighted to return to Kalim where, thanks to the support of Baan Rim Pa Restaurant, PHBGTU taught English from 2005 until the pandemic in 2020.
We are hugely grateful to Thomas Brack and the Chicorée Foundation, founded by Mr.Jörg Weber and his family, for their commitment to the children’s education.

Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

Rajaprachanukroh 36 School

Over 400 Students are enrolled in this school