Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

In 2002, Kamala Administration began constructing the school formerly known as Kamala Child Development Centre next to the Rajaprachanukroh 36 School in Kamala. The new kindergarten school building was completed and due to open on December 27, 2004, one day after the 2004 Asian Tsunami destroyed all the school buildings on the site.

After the Tsunami, Kamala Administration asked for funds and land to rebuild the school in Kamala away from the ocean. The land was donated by the Environmental Development Fund under the Ministry of Science. The cost of building was donated by Addra Foundation, Thailand Marketing Development Business Council, and Bangkok Phuket Hospital. The new school building was finished in March 2006. Kamala Administration has changed the name of the school to Anuban Kamala School in the beginning of school year 2017 with its plan to expand its curriculum from preschool to primary school.

Anuban Kamala School has two buildings which contain 12 classrooms with 8 Thai teachers.

Total Numbers Of Students

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Ms Kanjana Isalam

Ms Kanjana Isalam

076 385 884

Current English Teacher

Violeta Sagi

Whose classes are kindly sponsored by MontAzure.