Due to the recent COVID19 outbreak we have lost two of our long term sponsors who provided substantial financial support for our work. The pandemic has severely impacted our foundation, draining finances and shrinking funding.
Due to limited resources, we had to temporarily suspend our work at Baan Kalim School and reduce the number of teachers from 5 to 3 for the current Academic year July 2020-April 2021. We currently only have sufficient funds to complete this school year.

We currently employ 3 qualified, fluent English speaking teachers. Providing six hours a week of English and Mathematics and Science in English to 200 underprivileged students at Kamala School.
IF YOU WANT TO HELP PLEASE CONTACT TINA HALL AT tina@phukethasbeengoodtous.org

The newly constructed Baan Kalim school opened on May 15, 2006. By this time, Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation had been formed and was ready to begin its three-year pilot programme, providing free, quality English language education. The Foundation’s Director of Education was the sole teacher at the time. The pilot programme, completed in May 2009, was a key element in the development of the Foundation. It familiarised us with the academic, cultural and management issues involved in working within a Thai government school and allowed us to create and develop an effective vehicle for the teaching and evaluation of English to young Thai children. The programme’s success enabled it to become an established aspect of Baan Kalim School’s curriculum and lead to its adoption at a second school in 2007: Rajaprachanukroh 36 School in Kamala.

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Taught by Phuket Has Been Good To Us in kindergarten and primary grades 1-6


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Khun Surawut Eawsakul

Khun Surawut Eawsakul

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Temporarily suspended due to COVID19

If you want to help please contact Tina Hall at tina@phukethasbeengoodtous.org