Reflections of a Senior Teacher

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3 years.  There is no way that I ever thought that I would be here that long.  I signed a 6-month contract- to spend a bit of time volunteering and paying off some karmic debt…but somehow I couldn’t walk away.

On reflection of my time here, it’s the people I have met that have kept me here.  The staff, the volunteers, the interns, my “other friends”.  I’ve watched people come and go…almost always with tears!  They have finished contracts, found love, found paying jobs, moved countries….and without exception touched my life and the lives of the children we are here to serve.

I will definitely miss the family environment we have built here at the foundation.  But mostly I will miss the kids.


The first photo posted on Facebook after arrival.  Mai and I “swimming at The Palms”

From day 1 it was obvious that they are the reason any of are here.  I especially enjoyed my time during swimming, where we got to have fun and connect with our students on a whole different level.  Although my first batch of children may have grown up and become almost adults, they still come sliding in for a quick hug when no one is looking.


The last picture posted on Facebook. Anas trying to be cool.

When I arrived 5 years ago we had 2 schools, 5 and a half teachers and 2 and a half admin staff.  We now have 3 schools, 7 teachers, over 1000 students, and 4 administrators (not to mention interns and helpers galore!!).  Sometimes I  look around and can’t believe how many people are involved now!

It is my strong belief that we have built a strong and dedicated teaching team and that next year it will continue to grow.  For May 2015, all of our teachers are fully qualified, they come from a variety of background and educational experiences.  I have no doubt they will build on the strong foundations their predecessors passed to them.

I wish Tina and her team all the best for the following year.  I have no doubt that I will continue to follow the progress of the Foundation and I also fully intend to be an ongoing financial supporter – because I truly believe in what we are doing here.

The experience that we have learned from working here.

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