Teacher Yulya’s reflections at the start of a new school year

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As a teacher, I believe students learn best when learning is fun as well as exciting and stimulating.

Many students think of their school life as something boring where they have to do what they do not like. However, most kindergarten kids cannot wait to go back to their class every morning and learn something new. How did this happen? The answer is the learning process stopped being fun!

As a teacher, I try to show students that learning English is not only about grammar, reading, and memorizing unfamiliar words. But, by implementing topics through fun activities and interesting assignments, students realize that learning a language can be enjoyable. This is a why I plan fun activities to help students absorb the lesson better.

At the beginning of every school year, I start by reflecting on the previous academic years and contemplate changes, I want to make for the new academic year. I am looking for ways to improve my teaching techniques and make the learning process more fun and engaging. As I set achievable goals for myself I ask my students to do the same. What topics they think are important for them? And why? What activities do they like the most? How do they like to learn? Do they want to focus/master a particular skill?

Asking my students these questions is extremely important, as it helps me learn a lot about their personalities and different learning styles, which in turn enables me to provide valuable engaging lessons. Learning should be exciting and my mission is to make the teaching-learning experience fun and enjoyable for the students as well as for myself.

Yulya’s teaching position is kindly sponsored by Blue Horizon Developments.  We are deeply grateful that their continued support enables Teacher Yulya to provide a targeted English education for free to disadvantaged children in Kamala School.

The experience that we have learned from working here.

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