Teacher Agie’s final impressions at PHBGTU

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It has been an exciting journey and a rewarding experience working for Phuket Has Been Good to Us Foundation. I remembered the time when I got the job, I was all so excited. It was like one of my dreams come true.  Helping underprivileged children and growing up as one, it was one of the things I really wanted to do—to give back.

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I am leaving proud of what I’ve done for the children’s lives. It may not be financially but being there to listen to them and love them and be part of their lives, I made them happy even for just a short time.  The awards that they received from English competitions, the knowledge, and skills that they’ve learnt are something that they can keep and use it to find good opportunities in the future.

I will miss all the students I’ve taught this past four years. The smiles, laughter and children’s life stories always make up my win of the day. I will miss my students greatly.

I feel sad that I have to leave but I am sure that they will continue to progress with their English. It was fun teaching at Kalim School and I am glad that they had fun learning the English language with me. I am privileged to be part of Kalim’s award of being the school with the “Best Practice in English” and will always be proud.

I am grateful to Phuket Has Been Good To Us for giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing and I wish the foundation all the best and may it continue to provide a bright future for the children.

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